I got an overwhelming response regarding creating Gift Guides this year (which I am SO pumped about), and I had so many requests for different people you'd like to see guides for! I'll be posting a couple different Gift Guides this season (see the one for Brothers + Boyfriends here). This one though, is dedicated to the rents!! I will leave the links below the graphic to all of the items!

1. SlipSilk Pillowcase

I actually asked for one of these for myself this Christmas but I think any mom would LOVE one as well. Something cool about the SlipSilk pillowcases is that they help with Anti-Aging, Bedhead and more! There are 15 different colors and they come in Queen and King sizes! Slipsilk also has other accessories such as eye masks and robes as well. So many options for that comfort or beauty loving mom!

2. Earrings

I may be biased (since the creator is my roomie) but... are these not THE CUTEST EARRINGS EVER? This is one of those gifts that comes in lots of different colors to please any mama! This isn't the only style of earring Symposium Co. offers though.. Kali has TONS of different styles on her site you can choose from. Jewelry is always a great option for mothers-in-law, aunts or grandmas as well.

3. Perfume

As I mentioned in the Boyfriends + Brothers post, perfumes/colognes are always a little tricky depending on who you're buying for. Some people have a specific scent that they always wear. If your mom is one of those people, maybe skip this present option. If your mom has a whole tray of different perfumes she switches between (like mine) this might be a fun addition to her collection!

4. Cozy Throw

I got one of these super cozy throws for my mom last year and it was a huge hit! They are incredibly soft and honestly a GREAT price. Like most of the gift options above, there are a ton of different colors to choose from so you can match it perfectly to her style or personality!

5. Slippers

This is a no brainer, and in my opinion, a gift everyone likes (especially when since it's getting pretty chilly outside). There are so many different styles online and you can pick out a pair that your mom would love and a pair that fits within your budget. I liked this pair in particular because it was classic Ugg with a little twist.

6. Gloves

When it comes to Dad gifts, I always get a little stuck. When I saw these gloves though, I knew I had to add them to the list. They're the perfect mix between work gloves and regular gloves. I think my dad would love these for that exact reason. They have the leather grip and durability but will also keep his hands nice and toasty since they're made from premium wool with layered linings of super soft fleece!

7. Slippers

Like I said above about the slippers for mom, these are a no brainer, and in my opinion, a gift everyone likes. There are so many different styles online and you can pick out a pair that your dad will love and a pair that fits within your budget. Keeping it classic + simple for all the dads out there.

8. Coffee Subscription

This is something I just thought of recently that I thought would make a super unique gift this year. If you have a dad who loves a good hot cup of coffee in the mornings, get him a subscription to a coffee club! You could do it for only 2-3 months and you've got yourself a gift that just keeps on giving! The box I've linked is one that I actually have a coupon code for (SCORE!)

The Nocking Point Coffee Club lets you treat yourself (or in this case, your dad) each month to TWO delicious 12 oz. bags of small-batch roasted coffee plus 1-2 special branded lifestyle items!

To get $10 off your purchase, use code LARALAYNE10 at checkout!

9. Yeti Mug

Speaking of coffee, mugs are another easy gift for dads! I got Garrett's dad this exact mug last Christmas and he uses it almost everyday! It keeps your coffee warm for hours and they're also super durable (if your dad maybe isn't always gentle with his glassware.. lol). Again, there are lots of colors to choose from and if your dad would rather have a thermos rather than a mug, they've got those too!

10. Southern Tide Button Down

This type of no-nonsense classic button down is what my dad LIVES in, and once you feel this versatile shirt, you’ll see why. Featuring a handy sunglass holding spot in the left pocket, this rugged work shirt is built to work and play hard. It comes in a couple different colors and is a super practical gift for all dads.

11. Gift Card

Lastly, if you have a dad who's got just about everything OR if you're just stuck and have no idea what to get him.. you can never go wrong with a gift card. Places like Home Depot, Lowes, Academy, or maybe his favorite clothing store, are all good options for dads!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope this gives you some good gift ideas for your rents this year and stay tuned for more gift guides coming soon!!



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