2018 Gift Guide: Boyfriends + Brothers

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

I got an overwhelming response regarding creating Gift Guides this year (which I am SO pumped about), and I had so many requests for different people you'd like to see guides for! I'll be posting a couple different Gift Guides this season, BUT the number one request you all gave was for a gift guide for the boyfriends! So of course, we'll start with this one first!

As I started writing this, I asked Garrett if he thought it'd be weird if I clumped boyfriends and brothers in the same post and he said, "well isn't it basically the same type of gifts?" (lol, typical G answer), so I decided to go ahead and roll it all into one!!

I will leave the links below the graphic to all of the items + some other similar items!!


1. Tickets to a Sporting Event or Concert

This is always on the top of Garrett's wishlist. Going to an event is always such an easy go-to gift + it's something almost everyone likes. There is also tons of variety with this gift (i.e. music, sports, plays, comedy, etc.) This year for Garrett's birthday I got him tickets to a Rockets game and we had such a great time! Gift + special memories all rolled into one!

2. Tech Gloves

It's gotten PRETTY CHILLY down here in Texas and we're all starting to pull out all those warm winter clothes! It's such a hassle to take off a glove every single time you need to use your phone though, right? I love these tech gloves because you can type, snap and double tap all while staying warm! These would make such an easy, cheap gift or stocking stuffer for any guy on your list!

(similar item linked here)

3. Southern Tide Quarter Zip Fleece

This might be one of my favorites on the list (partly because I honestly want one for myself too). One can NEVER have too many pullovers and this one is classic and comes in three colors! This fleece can be dressed up or down and makes for a great layering piece!

(similar items linked here and here)

4. Toiletry Bag

As I was going over my gift guide ideas with G, when we got to this one he said, "Oh that's a great one! I got almost that exact one last christmas and I use it ALL THE TIME." This is another one of those classic gifts that will never go out of style but is also SUPER useful. (similar item linked here)

5. Keychain

This would not only make a PERFECT stocking stuffer BUT what I plan to do is make it into the cutest packaging decoration you ever did see. When wrapping your guy's gift, simply tie one of these onto a ribbon and wrap it around your gift. You've just added another mini gift onto your package in the cutest way! I think my brother Luke would love this Oxford themed keychain!

(similar item linked here)

6. Cologne

This is one that might be a little more specific to you or the guy you're buying for. For example, my dad has a specific cologne he ALWAYS wears, so I would either buy him that specific kind or maybe not choose this gift for him. Last year I got Garrett this cologne (Garrett normally doesn't wear cologne) and he said "this is one of those thing I never knew I wanted." I didn't link any similar items here because this is something you'd have to smell and pick out in person.

7. Knife

I know throughout this post I've said 'Garrett says' a lot, but when I was making this gift guide I wanted to be sure and ask the guys in my life what they actually wanted/liked! This one was something that 1. I knew nothing about and 2. wouldn't have ever thought to get! Garrett said that a really nice knife (like the one I linked above) is something he would really like as a gift but wouldn't necessarily want to buy himself. I also added a smaller more 'everyday' tool knife below if that would be more practical for your guy! (similar item linked here)

8. Pennant

Ok, so I LOVE the idea of a pennant as a gift!I think both Garrett and Luke (my brother) would love this (or a variation of). There are so many different designs of pennants out there (I got lost in a deep dark Etsy hole looking at these earlier this week). There are collegiate designs, ones with fun quotes (like I've linked above), you can get custom ones made if your guy has a favorite quote or lyric, SO MANY options! Guy friendly decor that they never knew they wanted! (similar items linked here)

9. Wood Burning Kit

Here we go again with some items that I would've never thought of until talking to the guys! If your brother or boyfriend enjoys making things with his hands + might be interested in starting to do more in this category, this is a great way to get started. I never think about getting these DYI items for guys until I found this gem. Its affordable, portable and I think would get any guy excited to create something new.

10. Coffee Table Book

Coffee table books are always one of my go-to gifts for my girlfriends during the holiday season BUT I hadn't really thought about them as a gift for the guys until last year when my mom got Luke and Garrett both a book for Christmas! They both really liked it and there are actually so many interesting books out there that I think any guy would really love! The one I've linked above is one about Ferrari that I know G would be super into . (similar items linked here and here)

11. Yeti

This is a no brainer! Who doesn't love a Yeti? (I have this exact one on my Christmas list this year too, hehe). I feel the same way about Yetis as I do about pullovers. You can never have too many! They have so many different colors sizes and shapes. I got Garrett's dad one of the mugs last year and he LOVES it. I have also linked my favorite of their coolers below in case you're looking for a bigger ticket item! (similar items linked here)

12. Sports Jersey

I added this one on here because my brother Luke LIVES in jerseys. He has so many! They are another gift that has endless possibilities and styles. The website I've linked has NFL, MLB, NCAA, NHL, NBA and more! G and I sat down and combed through this website for a good 2 hours the other day (lol oops). The options are endless!! Plus they've got lots of retro/vintage jerseys which, in my opinion, are much more unique than the ones you can get anywhere these days.

13. Cord Organizer

Lastly, I added on a little something for the travel bug in your life! If your guy is always traveling OR just likes to keep things organized in his backpack for school, this is the perfect gift for him. There is plenty of space for chargers and earphones + you can even get it personalized! I think this is a super practical gift, and something they probably don't already have! (similar item linked here)

Thanks so much for reading and I hope this gives you some good gift ideas for all the guys in your life, and stay tuned for more gift guides coming soon!



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