Beckie + Omar: Year 10

As much as I hated waking up at 4:45am to get to the beach for sunrise... I would do it 100,000 more times to get more pictures like these. *heart eyes*

I've known Beckie + Omar for about 8 years now which is CRAZY. Their house was the 'hang out' for my group of friends in high school and so so many fun memories were made during those years. Even when I moved away we still kept in touch and Beckie is still in my phone as "Momma Beckie" haha.

In July they will be celebrating their 10th year of marriage (which is amazing) and they asked me to capture some sweet pics of them to remember year 10! Enjoy!

Sunrise sessions are now my favorite thing ever and if you're interested in booking one for yourself email me asap at !


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