Cowboy Take Us Away

Here we are. Welcome to another post that ~isn't~ really the norm for me BUT I'm goin' with it.

I got to spend this past weekend with two of my cousins at our family ranch down in Beeville, TX.

Monica, Calhan, and I are all the same age and have been extremely close since we were babies. Now that we all are out of college, working big girl jobs, and in different cities, we really don't get to see each other that often.

We all got in a group chat trying our hardest to work around our busy schedules to find just ONE weekend where we could all get together for a girls weekend.

May 5th. Cinco de Mayo. We all were free. It was truly a miracle.

We dubbed this weekend "Cinco de Cita" (Cita is our grandmother, who lives at the ranch). We spent the whole weekend laying out, catching up, eating, and relaxing. We also COULD NOT go to the ranch without capitalizing on the opportunity for a little photoshoot.

I am so blessed to not only get to spend time at such an amazing place but more importantly getting to spend time with such incredible people.

And without further ado ... cue The Dixie Chicks because I'm getting serious country girl band vibes from these babies.

Thanks for reading!!



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