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Updated: Jan 24, 2018

Deciding to start your own business is HECKA scary (literally was just talking about this to my cousin this morning.) BUT with a little help from my friends, *cue the Beatles* I was able to just take the leap -- and BOOM, The Rosemary Hen was born.

I want The Rosemary Hen to be a platform used to support others (like Arin & Allie) who also decied to take the leap and start their own business.

Oliver & Otis is a family owned and operated company, based out of Abilene, TX (a city just 30 min. from where I grew up.) Their goal is to spread the word of Jesus, Texas & all things positive, THROUGH STYLE! They carry a wide range of graphic tees for the whole family, some hilarious socks, accessories & more!

I began working with them a couple of years ago, and what started as a business deal quickly turned into *did we just become best friends? - Brennan Huff - Me.*

Arin and Allie (and mama Patti) are doing some incredible things and it all started because they had a dream and went for it.

This past weekend I got to shoot some of their newest tees, and lemme tell ya...


uh, perfect for valentines day ^

who doesn't love King George ^

Thank you to all my model girlies: Macy, Lindsey, Alexis and Catherine!

Follow O&O on insta here: @oliverandotis

Visit their website here: http://www.oliverandotis.com

*they've also got something cool coming up with Camp Blessing Texas soon*

Thank you for supporting me and my new journey with The Rosemary Hen, and keep an eye out for more posts coming soon!



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