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Updated: Apr 2, 2019

I took an Instagram poll this past weekend asking if you guys might be interested in seeing a blog post about what to wear to your sessions! The results were a 99% yes and 1% no (thanks Mariah for the accidental no click.. *eye roll*). As I was thinking about how to format this post, I decided I'd do it as a series! I will do an individual post for what to wear in your Seniors/Portraits, Engagements/Couple, and Family sessions! I decided to do Seniors first since we're kind of in that season right now!

Before almost every shoot that I do I am almost always asked the question: "What should I wear?!" I get asked this so much I even put it on my FAQ page! I figured it was time to just put all the info I've collected over the years to help out any of you who might be in the process of planning your senior shoot outfits!

Before I begin, I want to say one really really important thing. The number one piece of advice I will always give my clients is BE COMFORTABLE + BE YOURSELF. Bring outfits that make you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. If you stop reading this post right now, this is 100% the most important piece of advice I could give you.

That being said, here are my tips!

1. Denim + White

I love the classic combo of denim and white, you can NEVER go wrong with this outfit. The best part about it though is there are ENDLESS possibilities for this combo. You can easily show your own personal style while still keeping that classic, timeless look. When you look back at your senior photos years from now, trends may have changed but this is something that will never go out of style.

2. Your Personal Style

The second outfit recommendation I almost always give my clients is bring an outfit you just absolutely LOVE. Show me your style and personality! I want you to wear something that makes you feel unstoppable. I know that when I wear one of my favorite outfits, I instantly feel like I can conquer the world. This could be shorts and a funky graphic tee, a sweet little romper or maybe it's a dress and wedges?! Express yourself! Show me you!

3. School Spirit

This is another outfit option I almost always suggest to my clients as well. Wear something that represents your future school! If you're still undecided, no worries! You can bring a couple different tops (in the colors of the schools you're thinking about) and we can shoot both! When I did my senior announcements I loved having the photos of me in my Ole Miss shirt to put on the back of my card to let everyone know where I was headed next fall. Plus, there are so many different ways you can style an outfit for this category. You can wear an outfit simply in the colors of your school, bring your acceptance letter, bring a flag with your schools logo on it, or show your spirit with a school graphic tee! I also think these make for fun posts on social media too!

4. Let's hear it for the boys

Now, I know most guys could care less about their outfits OR their senior photos in general, so.. this is mostly for the mamas. There are a couple different options for guys that I always like to recommend, and they're actually very similar to the girls. I'm not going to go into as much detail as I did above, BUT here are three outfit options for the boys!

- a simple button down + jeans or khakis.

- a future school themed shirt/outfit.

- nicer outfit (like a blazer) if more professional headshots are needed.

Lastly, I wanted to give y'all just a couple more general tips to keep in mind when choosing your senior photo shoot outfits:

- Stay away from fabrics that are prone to wrinkling or cling to you in unflattering ways.

- Avoid too much solid black. Break it up with other colors and patterns.

- Choose flattering fits, styles, and fabrics that complement your natural shape from all angles.

- Accessorize with hats, statement earrings or necklaces, but don’t go overboard.

- Never be afraid of incorporating patterns, just try to stick to smaller more subtle ones.

- Always bring a back-up outfit in case you change your mind on one of your original choices!

I hope this post was helpful and keep an eye out for my next post on what to wear for your engagement/couple session! Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any additional questions!

- LL


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