Travel Guide: Jackson Hole, WY

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

If you've been following along on Instagram, you know that I've been SO busy (lol what's new) the past couple of weeks.

I have been writing and adding to this post off and on since I got back from my trip and I finally found the time last night to finish it.

So, without further ado, here is all my favorite eat's, drinks, and more from one of my FAVORITE places of all time: Jackson Hole.


  • Snow King . Want an easy morning hike that is right on the edge of town with one of the best views of Jackson Hole? This is the hike for you. Snow King is a 1.8 mile trail, ascending 1,571 vertical feet from the main base area to the summit. Sarah and I did this our last morning in Jackson and even though we didn't go all the way to the top this trip, I have been to the top and it is totally worth it. It's also free!

  • Jackson Hole Farmers Market. Unfortunately, this year I wasn't in JH on a Saturday and didn't get to go to the Farmers Market BUT if you visit JH between July 7 and September 22 - this is a MUST DO. The Jackson Hole Farmers Market is filled with not only the freshest produce but also tons of restaurant stands, flower shops and vendors with tons of homemade goods. I went almost every Saturday when I was in JH in 2016. It's family friendly, fun and a one stop shop for the weeks groceries.

  • The Jackson Hole Rodeo. Well, if you know me at all, you know I LIVE FOR RODEOS. I love when rodeo season rolls around here in Houston and I seem to always find a rodeo anywhere I go. (I use to go to Batesville or Jackson with friends in college just for the rodeos.) Anyway, the JH Rodeo is such a fun summer time activity for people of all ages. With your family? Grab a corn dog and watch the bull riders take their turns getting tossed around the arena or try it yourself on the mechanical bull down by the concessions. With your girlfriends? Grab a beer and place bets on who you think might win it all. The atmosphere and people watching is always a hoot, and even if you're not a huge rodeo fan like me, I'm sure it will not disappoint.

  • Shopping. This is obviously a no brainer. The Square in Jackson, antler arches and all, is one of the most iconic parts of the cute little mountain town. Sarah and I spent a lot of time (and probably to much money) in the square on this past trip.. oops. Here are a couple of my favorite shops:

- Western Range Clothing Company


- Valley Bookstore

- Mountain Dandy

- Paper & Grace

- Altitude



  • Cowboy Coffee. Cowboy Coffee has not only been voted Best Coffee Shop in Wyoming by Business Insider but also by Me, Layne Little. This is my favorite place to grab coffee when I'm in Jackson. They have the BEST coffee in town, plus so much more (UH HELLO KOMBUCHA ON TAP.) My go-to is the Mexican Mocha but they also have, like I said, amazing Kombucha. Don’t forget to buy a bag of coffee to bring home from your travels so you can wake up to a taste of Jackson!

  • Persephone Bakery. Ok. Where do I even begin with Persephone. Even though Cowboy Coffee is my go to quick stop for coffee, Persephone is hands down my favorite Chai Tea Latte in Jackson or maybe the whole world. Persephone is also home to THE BEST BREAKFAST HASH IN THE UNIVERSE. When I lived in Jackson a couple summers ago, I would ride my bike 10 miles just to get some of their hash and a chai tea latte. I mean... that's really all that needs to be said. GO THERE. (you can also go there for lunch!! We went there twice while we were in town.. hehe. )


  • Teton Thai. There are a lot of different thai places in Jackson (Sarah and I attempted to visit them all last time we were there,) and even though we didn't make it out to Teton Thai on this past trip, this was a frequent lunch spot of my when I lived in JH. Teton Thai is located in Teton Village ( between Jackson and Wilson.) It's the cutest little spot with a great patio and yummy noodles. I am a creature of habit and always got the fried rice BUT everything on their menu is sure to please

  • Stagecoach. Another frequent lunch stop when I lived in Jackson was Stagecoach. This is actually located in Wilson, which is only about 10 minutes outside of town. Sarah and I went here one day for lunch and had a SUPER yummy meal on their little patio outside. Sounds so funny talking about eating outside, because if you eat outside in Texas you'll most defiantly die. I had the Pork Belly Lettuce Wraps and Sarah had the BiBimbap Bowl which was off the charts. Stagecoach is also super casual, so you could hike Snow King in the morning and head out to Stagecoach for a yummy post-hike meal.


  • Teton Tiger. We ate here on last night in Jackson. Teton Tiger has Asian fusion cuisine + a rad bar. I had the General Tso's Chicken and Sarah had the Butter Chicken 10/10 would recommend both. I think this would be a great date night place and it is always a must do when I'm in JH.


  • Anvil Hotel. This trip we stayed in the Anvil Hotel (which I have never been to before this trip) and it was fantastic. 1. It is in the most primo location, walking distance from pretty much everything. 2. The decor and just little personal touches in our room (the had chocolate, drinks, and little snacks for us when we got there) were darling and the complementary coffee bar was my personal fave. 3. Lastly, the customer service was outstanding. Everyone who worked there was so kind and friendly which always makes staying somewhere 100000% more enjoyable.

Like I said above, Jackson Hole is one of my favorite places ever and I am so pumped to have been able to make it up there this summer. If you've never been or are planning a trip and want to know more, please shoot me an email or a text. I would love to help you plan and hopefully make you love Jackson just as much as I do.


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