Travel Guide: Bolivar Peninsula,TX

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

I just got back from the beach yesterday after an incredible weekend planned by THE G. Cox.

Garrett planned a whole beach weekend for my birthday, and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

In this post, I'll tell you about where we stayed, what we ate and all the things we did!


  • The Beach. OBVIOUSLY. We went to the beach two out of the three days we we’re there! Now, I know Texas beaches aren’t quite as fancy as Destin or Cali BUT they’re still a heck of a lot of fun. We set up our Walmart folding chairs, Yeti Cooler table and turned on some good ole country music as we watched the waves roll in. (See my 3 go to summer playlists here, here and here.)

My swimsuit is Aerie - G's swimsuit is Southern Tide

  • The Big Store. When we first arrived in Bolivar, we had a couple of immediate things to cross off our to-do list. 1. Eat lunch, 2. Get a beach pass, and 3. Get groceries. We mapped to the closest restaurant and quickly grabbed a bite to eat. We noticed that the Bolivar Tourism Center was right next door to where we ate, so, we decided to pop in and see if we could grab some beach passes. The sweet lady inside not only helped us with getting our passes but also gave us SO much more information about what to do and see while we were in town. She also told us about.. THE BIG STORE. I’m sure Garrett will agree that adding The Big Store to the MUST SEE/DO portion of this blog post is 100% necessary. This place was incredible. The Big Store is a one stop shop for literally anything you could ever need while on the Bolivar Peninsula. From groceries to clothing to a FULL hardware store, to fishing gear, they had it all. The Big Store is also home to a bank AND a Hunt Brothers Pizza. You can also get gas here. I mean, they literally have everything. G and I loved it so much, we got tshirts. If you’re ever in Bolivar or Crystal Beach you’ve GOT to stop in.

  • The Strand. If you’re looking to do a little shopping, grab a drink, or buy 1 million dollars worth of candy The Strand is for you. The Stand is in Galveston, which is about 30 min (including the ferry ride) away from Bolivar. We went Sunday afternoon right before heading back to Houston! The Stand is a mix of restaurants, shops and bars and there is defiantly something for everyone. We mostly window shopped but there was one place we just couldn’t pass up, La Kings Confectionery. The Candy Counter seems to go on forever and the endless choices tempt you at every step. There are high quality, hand-made chocolate treats as well as the classic, "dime store penny candy". On the other side of the store there is a Soda Fountain and Ice Cream Counter. But, even if you’re not big into shopping or candy, The Stand is also a great spot for some quality people watching.

  • Crabbing. This was BY FAR my favorite part of our trip. We spent maybe 75% of our time down under our little Airbnb catching crabs. Garrett is a pretty avid fisherman and has SO MUCH knowledge about where, when and how to catch almost anything. So, we grabbed some crab nets and chicken gizzards (barf) while at The Big Store on Friday (see, they’ve got everything) and went down to the dock. We were catching TONS of crabs (mostly ones too small to keep) all day Friday and Saturday. We ended up with about 13 keepers, and on Saturday night we boiled them and absolutely FEASTED while watching the sunset. This is something I never would’ve guessed would be my favorite thing about the trip, but ended up being where we spent the majority of our time. It’s cheap easy and fun and a memory I’ll never forget.

my sweater is Southern Tide - Shorts are Abercrombie


  • Fishermans Wharf. This is Garrett’s favorite restaurant in Galveston and I can totally see why. Fresh seafood with an incredible view of the intercostal waterway - perfect for our first night's dinner date. As I said before, G planned this trip for my birthday and he picked this to be my ‘birthday dinner.’ G got the Stuffed Flounder which had the most incredible Dijon sauce on top and I had the Golden Tile. Both were cooked perfectly and served with a side of rice and veggies. We also shared a cup of Lobster Bisque, which may have been some of the best we’ve ever had. Finally we ended the night with a little bday key lime pie, which completely sent us over the edge. If you love seafood and great views, I would 10/10 recommend Fishermans Wharf next time you’re in Galvy.

  • Third Coast Coffee. We didn’t eat out a ton while we were here. We made sandwiches most days for lunch and had lots of chips and watermelon. One morning we did stop by a little coffee shop near our Airbnb called Third Coast Coffee. First thing I’ll mention about this little spot is the drive through. Like most beach houses, this little shop is on stilts, sooooo the drive through is up a big ramp (which I thought was the coolest thing). Second, and probably more importantly, the coffee was awesome. I got the Pecan Caramel latte and G got a turtle frap. Make sure you stop by Third Coast next time you’re in Bolivar!!


  • Bill's Place - Apartment B. Y’all, I can not tell you how much I loved this airbnb, for various reasons. Before I go on telling you all the things I loved about this place, I will say this: if you’re looking for luxury and frills, this is not the place for you. BUT if you’re looking for amazing sunset views, peace and quite, and easy access to fishing and the beach - this is the PERFECT place for you. It was located out on a little point over looking the intercostal waterway and right over a canal (this is where we crabbed.) The apartment we stayed in was one of three in a little triplex. There are also two larger condos down closer to the end of the point if you have a bigger group. There were two other HUGE reasons why I loved this place, and their names are Jimmy and JuJu. Jimmy was the owners goat that lived just a couple feet away from our condo. He was so sweet and let me pet him every morning :,). JuJu was their little cow dog who also spent a lot of time catching crabs with us down on the docks. These little guys were such a fun little addition to our stay. Lastly, one great part of this place was that it's only about 3 min away from the beach. I know G and I will be staying here again and I would highly recommend it.

Thanks so much for reading along and let me know if you decide to take a trip down to Bolivar for a beach weekend. I’d love to hear about how much you LOVE The Big Store too ;).

- LL


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