Travel Guide: Long Beach, Ca

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

G and I went to California this past weekend for a little R&R fun boy/girl time! *heart eyes*

I surprised him with this trip for Christmas not only so that we could go visit his Aunt Jen and Uncle Doug but also because #adventure!!!

We were only in L.A. + Long Beach for the long weekend, but I thought I'd share what we did, where we ate, and everything in between!


Breakfast: The Crooked Duck

This is Aunt Jen's brother-in-law's restaurant in Long Beach! It's the cutest family joint and EVERYTHING we had was fantastic. We most definitely over ordered but I'm not even mad about it. I would highly recommend the Crooked Duck Omelet! I swapped my toast for biscuits + gravy *nom nom food baby nom*

Brunch: The Rooftop

We drove down to Newport/Laguna for the day to see some friends from college, and they took us here! It's on top of the La Casa Del Camino Hotel and the view was spectacular. I was the odd man out and ordered the Poke Bowl, while the rest of our party ordered the Blackened Ahi Sandwich (10/10 would recommend both items.)

Lunch: In-N-Out

I mean.. did you even go to California if you didn't eat In-N-Out?

Dinner: Cheebo (LA)

We went here with my Aunt Mimi right when we got into L.A.! It's a super cute little spot on Sunset Blvd and their homemade pizza crust is some of the best I've ever had. I got the Goat Cheese + Artichoke Pizza (if you don't LOVE olives, ask for light or even none... they like to pile em on.)

Dessert: Afters

Ok. Y'all. This sent me right over the edge but it also lowkey made my taste buds really happy. Most of us had some sort of variation of their famous Milky Bun, but here is what my order consisted of: Glazed Milky Bun + Milk and Cookies Ice Cream + Fruity Pebbles on top. *drool* check out their Insta or website to see how freaking magical these things look.


Petersen Automotive Museum

So G LOVES cars. I mean.. he knows everything about every car ever. He knows how many of each car was made, (if there is a limited number) he knows what colors were made, where they are located now, who owns them, and how much they're worth. It's actually amazing.

That being said, visiting this museum seemed like an obvious choice for our little weekend vacay. I wasn't sure how I'd like it, knowing only the bare minimum about said motor vehicles, BUT I loved it. There was anything and everything automotive. Old motorcycles, cars from famous movies and even the 2018 Ford GT.

While we were there, there was an exhibit called The Porsche Effect. It explores the history and significance behind the brand’s distinctive design, engineering, advertising, partnerships, and its enviable record of racing triumphs. The Petersen rotates exhibits like this in and out usually on a monthly basis.

Lastly, if you visit The Petersen, make sure you take a Vault Tour. This was one of the coolest parts of our whole day. The Vault is basically a giant parking garage that the Petersen uses to hold cars that are not upstairs in the main viewing area at that specific time. It is also a place for collectors to store cars that they may not have room to store in their personal collections. Petersen cares for, and keeps regular maintenance on, these cars for said collectors. In exchange, the collectors let the Petersen show them off during the Vault Tour. G's favorite from the vault was a Pink Honda S2000, which was driven by Suki in the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious! I loved the old Scout (pictured below) as well as the Round Door Roll Royce, * which has a super neat story. I'll link it here.*

Balboa Island

After we ate lunch with Ally + Hayes, we drove down to Balboa Island. We parked on Marine Ave and walked down past all the shops and restaurants on our way toward the ocean. Once we got to S. Bay Front, we walked toward the Balboa Island Ferry. We strolled past all the cutest little water front homes *obviously commenting on each one as we went by.* We got on the ferry and headed toward the Balboa Peninsula where we planned to go have a drink at the Yacht Club where Ally's family are members. The weather was perfect and it was the best way to end some sweet time with great friends.

The Aquarium of The Pacific

This was the last thing we did (besides eat In-N-Out lol) while we were in Long Beach! This aquarium was half indoor, half outdoor and had tons of family friendly activities for all ages. They have everything from the biggest rays you've ever seen to the cutiest little penguins; (one of them was named 'Whatever' which I found super funny.) My favorite part was defiantly the seals + sea lions. The little spotted seals swam like little torpedoes, ugh SO CUTE. RIP ME.


This little weekend getaway was much needed, and so glad I got to spend it with my bestie boy. Thank you Aunt Jen + Uncle Doug for hosting us and thanks Ally + Hayes for spending Saturday showing us around. We love y'all!


I'm also going to link my friend Ally's blog here too. She's actually from California (Newport Beach) and her travel guides are much more exciting, lol!

Ok, the end. Enjoy!!

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