Whole30 Intro + Week 1

Updated: Feb 5, 2018

Y'all. I have ZERO CHILL when it comes to eating healthy. Gimme all the french fries and queso ever of all time, and I will eat them in .5 seconds.

BUT.. tbh, now that I'm not forced to run lines everyday in high school athletics (shout out to Coach Johnston), my body needs a good restart. Also, swimsuit season is actually WAY closer than we think.

I've had tons of friends do Whole 30 and see awesome results. Some do it for the weight loss benefits and some for the overall good feeling, I'm doing it for both! *pumps fist into the air*

When I decided to try Whole 30 I knew that if I didn't plan out every single second of my day, food-wise, I would fail. *My friend Kali can vouch for me on this.* So, with that being said.. I planned. And I mean P L A N N E D.

Since I'm a newbie blogger I figured ~what the hay~ why not do a post about Whole 30 for all the peeps out there who also have NO CHILL when it comes to food, and help them over-plan so that they too can actually do all 30 days of Whole 30!

I'll be posting week by week because I know this can all be super overwhelming!



January 21 - 27:

I ended up using only 4 recipies this whole week. Seems a little crazy and boring, but trust me it was the opposite. This week was all about learning what works for you, what you like and don't like, and realistically how much time you have to cook, eat, etc.

One tip I learned from friends was to make recipies that you can use in lots of different ways. This not only saves money at the grocery store, but also saves prep time and makes eating healthy much easier. I also learned that cooking all your meats (sausage, chicken patties, whatever) at the beginning of the week helps cut down prep time as well.

Week one is hard. I wanted French fires or donuts all the time, BUT I knew I would be SO mad if I gave up. Keep your eye on the prize and don't give up. If I can do it, so can you.

I will share the recipes with you first, then show you my daily meal schedule and last, my grocery list.

Ranch Chicken Salad

* 1 rotisserie chicken

* 1 cup chopped celery

* 1 cup chopped bell pepper (any color, I used all three)

* 1/2 cup sweet yellow onion (chopped)

* 1/2 cup mayonnaise (Whole 30 Comliant here)

* 1 1/2 gTbsps dry ranch seasoning (Recipe I used here)

1. Mix the chicken, mayonnaise, and seasoning together in a bowl until well blended.

2. Stir in the celery, peppers and onion until mixed evenly.

3. Chill 1 hour to let flavors meld.

I loved this! It doesn't feel like Whole30 and is also super easy to make.

Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas

* 3 lb pork shoulder

* 1/2 cup bone broth

* 1 onion

* 1 orange

* 2 limes

* 3 garlic cloves

* 2 bay leaves

* 1 tbsp dried cilantro

* 1 tbsp dried oregano

* 1.5 tsp salt

1. Combine the dried cilantro, oregano, and salt to create a dry rub.

2. Rub the seasoning into the pork shoulder, coating it evenly.

3. Push the three garlic cloves into the pork shoulder.

4. Place the shoulder into the slower cooker set to low.

5. Pour the juice of the orange, the juice of the two limes, and the bone broth over the pork.

6. Add in the two bay leaves and the chopped onion

7. Cover the roast and cook on low for 8 hours

8. Remove from the crockpot and shred with two forks

9. OPTIONAL: Place under the broiler for 5 minutes to crisp before serving. (This was a tip from my friend Kali and is a MUST in my opinion. SO GOOD)

I forgot to take pictures of the prep (oops) but this recipes makes a ton of meat and I ate it with eggs in the morning and also with guac and sweet potatoes for dinner. I'll even have some left to use for next week as well.

Lime Pickled Onions

* 1 cups finely sliced red onion (about 1 large)

* ¾ cup fresh lime juice (from about 6 limes)

* Salt, to taste

* Optional: 1 tsp dried mexican or mediterranean oregano

1. Slice each onion into small strips (I bought them pre chopped sooooo oops)

2. Add the sliced onions to a bowl, along with the lime juice and a sprinkle of fine sea salt.

3. Toss until the onions are evenly covered in the lime and salt.

4. Let the onions sit at room temperature until they begin to soften a little, about 30 minutes, stirring them every 5 - 10 minutes or so.

5. Add the dried oregano, if using.

6. Toss the onions again to coat, then transfer onions and liquid to a glass jar (I used a Mason Jar).

7. Gently press the onions down with the back of a spoon or fork so that they're immersed in the lime juice.

8. Refrigerate for at least 15 minutes or so before using - they're even better once they've hung out in the fridge for a few hours.

I ate these mostly on my carnitas or eggs but they would honestly be good on anything. It's a great condiment to have in your fridge.

Jalapeños, Onions + Eggs ("JOE")

* 2-3 Eggs (depending on how hungry you are)

* 1/2ish of chopped white onion

* 1 Jalapeños (chopped)

* Salt + Pepper


1. Sautee Onions and Jalapeños in a little EVOO until tender.

2. Scramble egg in a bowl and add to skillet

3. Salt + Pepper to taste

4. Cook until fluffy.

This was my go-to breakfast basically everyday. There are some pictures below. I made this recipe up and it's not fancy. I would sometimes add meat or take out the jalapeños, or add avocado. This is really a mix and match kind of breakfast.

Those are my week one recipies! Easy enough right?

"But LL," you say, "this will get so boring.. eating the same 5 things for a whole week!" Trust me, I see how you could think that... BUT keep reading and see how I turned these 5 recipies into like 10 different meals using limited other grocery items!

Sunday (Jan 21):

Breakfast - Jalapeños, Onions + Eggs ("JOE")

Like I said earlier, I ate JOE for breakfast almost every day and never got tired of it. It's so yummy and easy. If you do need to change it up, you can add sliced avacodo, a slice of Whole 30 compliant bacon, or some roasted sweet potato.

Lunch - RX Bar

I woke up late and my breakfast was also kind of my lunch this day.. (my fave Bars will be on my grocery list)

Dinner - Ranch Chicken Salad

I ate it on top of sliced cucumber with a side of raspberries.

Monday ( Jan 22):

Breakfast - Jalapeños, Onions + Eggs ("JOE")

Lunch - Sausage + Broccoli

I had Trader Joes Spicy Italian Sausage w/ a side of roasted broccoli. The Spicy Italian Sausage is my favorite.. I could probably eat it everyday. *tip: i cook most of my meats at the beginning of the week so it makes making lunch a lot faster and easier*

Dinner - Cauliflower Chicken Fried Rice

I had planned to eat the Pork Carnitas, but I didn't get it in the crockpot in time for it to be ready for dinner. So, I had ^ which I'm just randomly threw together.

* Trader Joes Cauliflower Rice

* Chicken (cooked)

* Egg

* Coconut Eminos

* Ginger

* Onion (caramelized)

1. Saute Rice in a little EVOO + SP

2. Add in all other ingredients

3. Saute till all combine

(I love fried rice SO MUCH. Sooo, I actually hated this.. bc it is deff not fried rice, BUT I ate it and didn't waste any grocery items.. BUT I probably won't make it again.)

Tuesday (Jan 23)

Breakfast - Jalapeños, Onions + Eggs ("JOE")

Lunch - Ranch Chicken Salad

For lunch this day I ate my chicken salad on its on with a side of roasted sweet potato fries and chipotle mayo ( see brand I bought on shopping list)

* for sweet potato fries, just cut, drizzle some EVOO, sprinkle with S+P, roast on 400 until crispy (about 20ish min)

Dinner - Sausage + Broccoli

Simple easy. Basically the same as Monday's lunch.

Wednesday ( Jan 24)

Breakfast - Jalapeños, Onions + Eggs ("JOE")

I had bacon + no jalapeño today -- I guess that makes it BOE?

Lunch - Dish Society Salad

I got the build your own Salad today at Dish Society and this is what I put in it:

* Mixed Greens

* Avocado

* Cucumber

* Carrots

* Chicken

* Sliced Almonds

* Golden Raisins

* Balsamic Vinaigrette

Dinner - Pork Carnitas + Sweet Potatoes

Below is how I made my pork:

* fresh cilantro

* pickled red onion

* chipotle mayo w/ my SP (I put way to much on my plate, lol)

* I also had a side of blueberries

Thursday ( Jan 25)

Breakfast - Jalapeños, Onions + Eggs ("JOE")

I had bacon today too

Lunch - Chicken Burger (Trader Joe's) + Broccoli

So lemme talk about these burgers for a sec. THEY ROCK. - they're so easy and really yummy.

* made roasted broccoli

* made some bacon

* whole 30 ranch mayo thing (whole 30 mayo + ranch seasoning)

* sliced up some avocado


Dinner - Chipotle Salad Bowl

Below is how I made/what I put on my bowl:

* lettuce

* carnitas

* guac

* green salsa

* veggies

Friday ( Jan 26)

Breakfast - Jalapeños, Onions + Eggs ("JOE")

Lunch - Chicken Patty + Sweet Potatoes

I also had some sliced avocado.

Chicken Sausage + Roasted Sweet Potato strings + leftover broccoli

Sweet Potato was just roasted with EVOO and S+P. This Sausage is also from Trader Joe's, it is the Garlic Herb one.

Saturday ( Jan 27)

Breakfast - RX Bar + Banana

Oops, I was in a rush..

Lunch - Jalapeños, Onions + Eggs ("JOE")

Dinner - Steak + Roasted Potatoes + Cucumber

I was at a friends house so a little random for my last dinner of this week


Grocery List

All of these things can be changed and tailored to what you like and you plan. Also, its just so much easier for me to buy the pre chopped veggies but you certainly do not have to. I also ended up going to three different stores, which you also certainly do not have to do. I think in the next couple of weeks my grocery lists will get smaller and smaller because I am learning what works and doesn't but I also won't need to buy mayo or hot sauce or any of those things again! (if it is linked green, it is linked to the brand I bought)

Trader Joes

Plantain Chips

Green Salsa

Cauliflower Rice

Chicken Sausage

- Spicy Italian

- Garlic Herb

Coconut Aminos

Everything but the Bagel Seasoning

Trader Joes Seasoning Salt

Ginger in a tube

Chicken Burger

Whole Foods

Lara Bars

- My favorite was the Pecan Pie - follow this link to see all the approved flavors.

RX Bars

- My favorite was the Chocolate Sea Salt - here are the approved flavors.

Whole 30 Mayo

Whole 30 Chipotle Mayo

Bacon (This brand)


4 Sweet Potatoes

2 cups of White Onion (precut)

1 Cup of Red Onion (precut)

Dozen Eggs

3lb Pork Shoulder

1/2 Cup Bone Broth

1 Orange

2 Limes

1 head of Garlic

I bushel of Cilantro

2 Avocados

3 Jalapeños

2 Cucumbers

1 Rotisserie Chicken

1 cup of (pre chopped) celery

1 cup of (pre chopped) bell pepper

Lettuce ( I got spring mix)


2 bags of Broccoli

Berries (blueberries + raspberries)


I feel like I've left things out (which isn't uncommon of me) so, if you have any questions, please comment, email, call me, beep me if you wanna reach me! I'm no expert but would love to do my best to answer your questions!!

Thanks and here's to week 2!!



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