Whole30 - Week 2

Week 2 = Much easier than week 1. This week was way more chill and way less exciting. I had the flu this week though so that also contributed to my lack of exciting food. I also have given up on taking pretty pics of every meal I make (oops) so iPhone pics will have to do. PS: sorry I'm a little late on publishing this.. oops.

January 28 - February 3

I will share the recipes with you first, then show you my daily meal schedule and last, my grocery list.

Jalapeños, Onions + Eggs ("JOE")

* 2-3 Eggs (depending on how hungry you are)

* 1/2ish of chopped white onion

* 1 Jalapeños (chopped)

* Salt + Pepper


1. Sautee Onions and Jalapeños in a little EVOO until tender.

2. Scramble egg in a bowl and add to skillet

3. Salt + Pepper to taste

4. Cook until fluffy.

This was my go-to. I eat this breakfast lunch and dinner. Its so easy and honestly it never gets old. There are some pictures below. I made this recipe up and it's not fancy. I would sometimes add meat or take out the jalapeños, or add avocado.

Sunday (Jan 28):

Breakfast - Jalapeños, Onions + Eggs ("JOE")

Lunch - Chicken Burger w/ Roasted Broccoli

I also had a banana with this

Dinner - Sautéed Shrimp + Kale Pesto

I ate this with a side of fresh bell pepper and leftover roasted broccoli

Monday ( Jan 29):

Breakfast - Jalapeños, Onions + Eggs ("JOE")

Lunch ^ + Carnitas (from last week) + green salsa

I woke up late (sickly) and ate my eggs for basically lunch and breakfast

Dinner - Beef (Trader Joes) + broccoli

Side of blueberries + Whole 30 Ranch

Tuesday (Jan 30)

Breakfast - Jalapeños, Onions + Eggs ("JOE")

No jalapeños, add Sweet potatoes

Lunch - Sausage + Sweet Potatoes

yall, I freaking love this Trader Joe's sausage. I also have been eating the heck out of clementines this week.

Dinner - Banana

I was feeling very sick this night and didn't want anything.

Wednesday ( Jan 31)

Breakfast - Jalapeños, Onions + Eggs ("JOE")

Lunch - Pho from Daily Juice

This had: baby kale, carrots, onion, red peppers, and cilantro in a ginger/chicken broth. 10/10 would recommend.

Dinner - Leftover Soup

lol still sick

Thursday ( Feb 1)

Breakfast - Jalapeños, Onions + Eggs ("JOE")

Lunch - Cafe Express Salad (thanks to my grandmother)

it was basically just lettuce and grilled chicken + I put my primal kitchen ranch on it.

Dinner - Fajita (also thanks to g-ma #spoiled)

I had beef + veggies + guac!

Friday ( Feb 2 )

Breakfast - Jalapeños, Onions + Eggs ("JOE")

Lunch - Trader Joe's Sausage + Leftover Veggies

broccoli and sweet potatoes + a clementine

Dinner - Ragin Cajun Blackend Shrimp

came with a side of roasted veggies and roasted potatoes


Saturday ( Feb 3 )

Breakfast - Jalapeños, Onions + Eggs ("JOE")

no jalapeños today + sweet potatoes

Lunch - Egg + Fruit

Just had a medley of fruit, wasn't to hungry (late breakfast)

Dinner - Whole30 Tortilla Soup

was at a friends house, this is a similar recipe.


Grocery List

All of these things can be changed and tailored to what you like and you plan. This weeks shopping list was much smaller (as I predicted in week 1's post) but here is what I bought.

Trader Joes

Chicken Sausage

- Spicy Italian

- Garlic Herb

Chicken Burger's

Cashews (lightly salted)


2 Sweet Potatoes

1 Cup of White Onion (precut)


2 Limes

3 Jalapeños

2 Cucumbers


2 bags of Broccoli

2 zucchini

1 bag of brussle sprouts

Berries (blueberries + raspberries)


I feel like I've left things out (which isn't uncommon of me) so, if you have any questions, please comment, email, call me, beep me if you wanna reach me! I'm no expert but would love to do my best to answer your questions!




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