Whole30 - Week 3

Week 3 = I am officially over it. This week I was honestly just bored and kind of over it. I think for Week 4 I am going to try and do some more fun recipes to switch things up so I don't go completely crazy. So, with that being said.. here is Week 3!! (sorry I'm a little late posting again)

February 4 - 10

I will share my daily meal schedule with you first and then my grocery list.

Sunday (Feb 4): Super Bowl Sunday

Breakfast - Jalapeños, Onions + Eggs ("JOE")

Lunch - Sausage + Broccoli

The usual. You shouldn't be surprised by this by now L O L

Dinner - Buffalo Brussel Sprouts

It was Super Bowl Sunday and this quite possibly may have been the hardest day of whole30 yet... all that queso, beer, chips, meatballs. *tear slowly rolls down cheek*

I knew I needed to make and bring my own food if I was ever going to survive this night.

I made this recipe and this dip to dip them in.

Monday ( Feb 5):

Breakfast - Eggs + Onions

Lunch - Roasted Broccoli and ate that with Raspberries

Dinner - Eggs w/ Carnitas (I froze half from Week 1)

I made 3 eggs plus onions + broiled the carnitas until crispy.. 10/10 would recommend.

Tuesday (Feb 6)

Breakfast - Jalapeños, Onions + Eggs ("JOE")

No jalapeños, didn't buy any this week.. oops

Lunch - Sausage + broccoli

yall, im telling you.. I eat this so much. I also had cucumber and a clementine.

Dinner - ^ leftover. Basically the same thing.

Minus the cucumber

Wednesday ( Feb 7)

Breakfast - RX Bar

was in a hurry this morning

Lunch - Eggs/Onions + Sausage + Bell Pepper

SO random but I just went for it.. not mad about it either. I have learned that I LOVE EGGS *cue Debbie from the Amanda show

Dinner - Willie's Ice House

Date night with G and we went to Willie's. I had blackened shrimp. This normally comes with a side of roasted veggies + rice but instead of rice I substituted the rice for a baked potato with nothing on it (which was very sad.. but load it but with S+P and its do-able)

Thursday ( Feb 8)

Breakfast - Eggs

Lunch - Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps (week 1) + Carrots

So after I ate my first lettuce wrap I realized that this chicken salad was probably about ready to be thrown out (I know gross, dont @ me) BUT the carrots were AWESOME and I actually don't even really like carrots. I linked the kind I got in my grocery list.

Dinner - Chicken Burger Patty + Sweet Potato

Friday ( Feb 9 )

Breakfast - Onions + Eggs

Lunch - Leftover Steak (from dad) + broccoli

Dinner - Orange + RX Bar

I had to go to an event around dinner time and this was just easiest


Saturday ( Feb 10 )

Breakfast - Eggs + Onion

Lunch - Chipotle Bowl




Green Salsa

Dinner - Sausage + Brussels + Sweet Potato

lol whats new


Grocery List

All of these things can be changed and tailored to what you like and you plan. This weeks shopping list was much smaller (as I predicted in week 1's post) but here is what I bought. (the links to most of these grocery items are in posts 1 & 2)

Trader Joes

Chicken Sausage

- Spicy Italian

- Garlic Herb

Chicken Burger's

Carrot Coins


2 Sweet Potatoes

1 Cup of White Onion (precut)


3 Jalapeños

1 Cucumber


2 bags of Broccoli

1 zucchini

1 bag of brussle sprouts

Berries (blueberries + raspberries)


I feel like I've left things out (which isn't uncommon of me) so, if you have any questions, please comment, email, call me, beep me if you wanna reach me! I'm no expert but would love to do my best to answer your questions!




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