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Thank you so much for your interest in representing The Rosemary Hen! This will be my 6th year having a senior rep team and I won't lie, it's definitely my favorite part of my job. My rep team is a huge part of my business and such a fun/creative outlet for me. The Rosemary Hen is just not the same without you guys! Below I have listed some additional details you may need to know before applying to be a #rosemaryrep and some other FAQ's. Applications for Class of 2024 ARE CLOSED.


What's in it for you?

 - An individual session in the fall AND in the spring.
- Priority booking (this means you get first dibs on dates).
- At least 4 group sessions (usually more)!
- The opportunity to make lots of new friends!

- And so much more!!

What are the requirements?

- As a Rosemary Rep you are required to only represent The Rosemary Hen while you're on the team. This means you will agree to not work or shoot with any other photographers.

- You will be asked to post at least twice per semester on IG.

- Your Instagram account must be set on public during your time as a Rosemary Rep!

- A one time payment of $800 due before our first session!


Meet the 2024 Rosemary Reps

Can't wait for all this year has to bring.

Applications for class of 2025 will open May 25th!

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